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SpaceNet is available for download from the SpaceNet project website.

Main GUI

main gui

The main GUI has three distinct areas:

Navigation Panel (top)
Displays the scenario name
Displays the six buttons in the scenario creation process and bolds the step the user is currently on
The user can save the scenario at any time by pushing the "Save Scenario" button. A structure in the workspace and a .mat file in the \scenario directory will be created or updated with the scenario name
Input Panel (left)
The buttons on the input panel change according to which step the user is currently on (from the Navigation Panel)
In the example above, the user is on the "Scenario" step and the allowable inputs are "Network" and "Elements".
Canvas (center)
The canvas changes according to which step and input the user is currently on (from the Navigation and Input Panels)

The "File" menu at the top of the GUI has three options:


gui processes

The element shipment paths are defined in a data structure called "Processes". The processes for the Apollo 17 scenario are displayed in the figure above. At the top of the canvas is a plot of the processes in the scenario (Process List). The instantiated elements are displayed in a listbox at the lower left of the canvas beneath the "Inputs" panel. The user will use this listbox to define what the instantiated elements will do for each process. The "Create a Process" panel is displayed at the bottom of the canvas. To create a process, the user must first select the process type from the pull-down menu (important!)

There are five types of processes:

More details are available in the following report:

de Weck O.L., Simchi-Levi D., Shishko R., Ahn J., Gralla E., Klabjan D., Mellein J., Shull A., Siddiqi A., Bairstow B, Lee G., "SpaceNet v1.3 User's Guide", NASA/TP-2007-214725, January 2007

The user manual contains a Quick Start example that allows a new user to get familiar with SpaceNet in about 30 minutes.

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