Measures of Effectiveness

Details on the Measures of Effectiveness (MOE) used in SpaceNet 1.3 are contained in Appendix D of the user manual:

de Weck O.L., Simchi-Levi D., Shishko R., Ahn J., Gralla E., Klabjan D., Mellein J., Shull A., Siddiqi A., Bairstow B, Lee G., "SpaceNet v1.3 User's Guide", NASA/TP-2007-214725, January 2007.

Any supply chain is a system, and as such, its design should involve comparing alternatives by objectively measuring how well each achieves the system's purpose. The space logistics simulator SpaceNet is a means for doing that for the interplanetary supply chain. A set of measures of effectiveness (MOEs) is currently available in SpaceNet (v.1.3 and 2). These fall into the following four categories:

The MOEs defined in SpaceNet provide a quantitative way to evaluate specific space exploration scenarios and interplanetary supply chains in general. While we believe that these MOEs are important and relevant for space exploration logistics, they are only proxy metrics for comparative purposes, not for absolute forecasting.

Basic Logistics Performance MoEs

Exploration Capability MoEs

relative exploration capability equation

Relative Scenario Cost MoEs

Scenario Risk MoEs

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