Integrated Database

The SpaceNet Integrated Database serves as a repository for both modeling and simulation data, and real-time logistics data. Modeling and simulation data include both inputs for the simulation and optimization model, and outputs. Real-time logistics data captures asset and inventory location, status, shipping/storage environment information, and history. The database was developed based on various use cases derived from the needs of professionals in the logistics community.

Design & Structure

The SpaceNet Integrated Database contains nearly 50 primary tables, with a "master" table describing the ten Classes of Supply used in SpaceNet. The database tables are structured according to a relational model, which allows complex queries to be constructed and executed. The database in SpaceNet 1.3 is implemented in Excel, while the database in SpaceNet 2.0 (standalone JAVA/webstart version) is implemented as a relational database in SQL. The main tables in the relational database are discussed in Appendix B of the SpaceNet 1.3 User Manual.

Important Tables

While a complete description of each table is too lengthy for this website, we can describe some tables and clusters of tables that play an important role in organizing the large amount of information that can be stored.

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