Uses of Interplanetary Supply Chain Modeling

Early Analysis

constellation systems supportability strategy (ss)

Early in the Constellation program, a complete analysis of interplanetary supply chain management issues/problems is needed to ensure that all supportability requirements can be met and the supportability strategy (concept of operations) can be implemented. The following types of issues and analyses are aided by SpaceNet:

SpaceNet 1.3 was used to support the following IDAC 2 (Integrated Design and Analysis Cycle) studies for NASA's Constellation Program:

ATA-00-003: 1 or 2 CaLV-only-launch Architectures vs. 1.5-launch Architecture Trades

The purpose of this trade study was to assess launch architecture trades between a single (1) or dual (2) CaLV launch versus the baselined (1.5) CEV/CaLV launch EOR-LOR architecture in terms of exploration capability and logistics for Lunar Surface missions. Other issues that were considered qualitatively include risk to crew and schedule, impact of LEO loiter time variations and launch scrub probabilities, delta recurring and non-recurring costs of development and operations.

ATA-00-004: Integrated ISS Resupply Scenarios

This assessment was performed to assess ISS resupply strategies beyond 2010 utilizing the CEV, ATV, HTV, Soyuz and Progress vehicles. This analysis supports the effort to determine "optimal" (minimum cost/minimum number of flights) resupply scenarios.

ATA-00-005: Impact of Element Propellant Types on Lunar Payload Delivery

The purpose of this trade study was to quantitatively assess the payload-to-surface and lunar exploration capability impact of various propellant combinations for the following in-space vehicles: CEV-SM, LSAM-AS, and LSAM-DS and to qualitatively discuss the logistics impact of these choices.

Real-Time Operations Support

During program execution, in-space inventory management, asset tracking, initial provisioning and resupply analysis, manifesting support are additional capabilities.

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