Interplanetary Supply Chain Network for Space Exploration

Interplanetary Supply Chain Network

The graphic above shows planetary surface nodes, orbital nodes and Lagrangian nodes. The nodes are connected via arcs, representing launch, in-space trajectories as well as entry-descent-and-landing operations. Elements are traveling on these arcs, containing human crews, robotic agents, propellant, collected samples as well as various supply items.

MIT Space Logistics Project

Sustainable space exploration will require appropriate interplanetary supply-chain management. Unlike Apollo, where everything was carried along, future exploration will have to rely on a complex supply-chain network on the ground and in space. The primary goal of the Interplanetary Supply Chain Management and Logistics Architectures (IPSCM&LA) project is to develop a comprehensive SCM framework and planning tool for space logistics.

The overall objective of this project is to develop an integrated capability for guiding the development of the interplanetary supply chain that will be required to enable sustainable space exploration of the Earth-Moon-Mars system and beyond.


March 19, 2007 – Interplanetary Logistics: Enabling New Frontiers

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