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Multidisciplinary Design Optimization

Multidisciplinary Design Optimization (MDO) is about optimizing the performance and reducing the lifecycle costs of complex systems involving multiple interacting disciplines, such as those found in aircraft, spacecraft, automobiles, industrial manufacturing equipment, various consumer products, while developing the necessary mathematical and computational design methodologies and tools.

MDO is a broad area that encompasses design synthesis, sensitivity analysis, approximation concepts, single and multi-objective optimization, rule-based design, and mathematical programming, all in the context of integrated design dealing with multiple disciplines and/or subsystem interactions. The goal is to "fine tune" the configuration of a system to be as good as it can be, while satisfying all constraints and boundary conditions. Some more recent research in design "synthesis" is trying to auto-generate system architectures using a set of simple rules.

Our contributions to multidisciplinary design optimization include:

Publications in Multidisciplinary Design Optimizaton