MIT Strategic Engineering

Designing Systems for an Uncertain Future

Engineering is not just about designing systems and products so they work when you first take them "out of the box" and turn them on. That's when the real game starts. Systems that take only a few months or years to design and implement often operate for many decades, some of them will operate for centuries. It is therefore important to consider the whole lifecycle, even if it is very uncertain.

So, here are some of the questions we - and our research sponsors - are asking:

We answer some of these questions in rigorous and quantiative ways, developing new integrated approaches based on the principles of systems architecture and systems engineering, design theory, complexity science, management of technology, project management, as well as strategy and economics.

We call our integrated approach Strategic Engineering.

Strategic Engineering is the process of architecting and designing complex systems and products in a way that deliberately accounts for future uncertainty and context in order to maximize their lifecycle value.

This website contains a summary of our research and educational program as well as links to specific research projects, publications, current and former students, research staff, sponsors, downloadable materials such as videos, models and data as well as links to collaborating groups at MIT and elsewhere.