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As the field season progressed, the MIT team recorded and posted daily a record of their activities, along with a few selected photos.

The field site's logbook has been duplicated here.

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July 11, 2005

Written by Matthew Silver

Mike and I have been at Resolute today, helping Pascal sort supplies, preparing for the RFID experiments, and setting up the Website. Oli, Erica, and the rest of the HMP team arrived at Devon Island yesterday, so we have been out of contact with them. Satellite internet is not yet established at camp, so we will not be able to send updates from there for a few days.

Mike and I got up at 7:00am and had breakfast at the hotel. It was foggy, but Pascal was told at about 8am that we would have a flight to Devon available around 8:30. By the time we arrived at Polar Shelf, however, another expedition in the area had radioed in that they had been out of water for a few days. So that issue took precedence over our flight and we were bumped to the afternoon. So the day has been spent preparing and sorting. Tires on the ATVs are low at camp, so we needed the new tires to be inserted into their rims. Mike has been making good progress on the relational data-base, and we have also worked out some logic for the RFID gate experiment. I set up and tested the battery-activated passive reader system on my PC. It is now 4:30 and we have a flight to Devon scheduled for 5:15. The weather is clear and we will likely be there by 6:45.

Today's log will likely be updated in a few days, when we have information about Oli and Erica's activities.

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