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As the field season progressed, the MIT team recorded and posted daily a record of their activities, along with a few selected photos.

The field site's logbook has been duplicated here.

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July 30, 2005

Written by Jessica Marquez and Sarah Shull

Our day was marked by a myriad of events. Our MIT team divided and conquered in order to take advantage of this beautiful day. Sarah conducted an inventory of all the pre-2005 food, eliminating old food and sorting through what remained. The highlight of this adventure was finding the half-eaten jar of 5 year old mustard....good thing she never liked mustard!

Mustard definitely has a shelf-life!

Jessica and Julie went on a (relatively) long traversal on the ATVs. They first observed the planning of the excursion. Hamilton Sundstrand wanted to test their developmental spacesuit and their informatics systems on Pascal Lee, who wanted to investigate some possible gullies in a valley near Von Braun Planitia. The excursion included Pascal wearing the spacesuit throughout the whole excursion — even on the ATV! The traversal was both exciting and important as it cataloged yet another EVA for the logistics project. For example, Jessica and Julie were able to measure GPS locations and duration of path segments of the EVA excursion.

Pascal Lee (in the spacesuit) looking for gullies.
Julie on the ATV, giving us the thumbs up!

Last, but certainly not least, we had the arrival of the last MIT member to camp — Prof. Jeff Hoffman. He arrived with three other investigators, Mario Runkle (former astronaut, now at NASA JSC), Steve Hart (Flight Doc NASA JSC) and Charles Mason ( Morehead State University , Kentucky ) — the last leg of the field season has started!

Jeff Hoffman arriving at Devon Island
End of the day picture of Sarah and Jessica in the mess hall.

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