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As the field season progressed, the MIT team recorded and posted daily a record of their activities, along with a few selected photos.

The field site's logbook has been duplicated here.

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July 22, 2005

Written by Matthew Silver

Another nice day at HMP enabled a twin otter flight from Resolute and the arrival of two new MIT team members: Sarah Shull and Jaemyung Ahn. Both have been in Resolute for two days waiting for a flight. Mike and I are very happy to see them. As with all newcomers, they received a tour of camp, a briefing on camp rules, and a safety briefing. They also set up their personal gear, which took less time than usual since their tents were already up. Below are two pictures of Sarah and Jaemyung just off the plane, and setting up their personal gear. I was also able to record a movie from airport rock of their twin otter landing. The twin otter actually comes in very low, and is below the horizon for the entire video. The file is about 7 megabytes: New Arrival

Fig 1: Sarah and Jaemyung just off the plane. We'll see if they look this in a few days!
Fig 2: Setting up their personal gear in the MIT tents

Before dinner Mike and I briefed Sarah and Jaemyung on progress so far and different aspects of the HMP site and field season. We reviewed progress on the inventory and tagging and discussed ATV and RFID tracking experiments which will continue after Mike and I leave. Pascal Lee also met with us to discuss our progress and basic issues in camp logistics. He noted that with the new office tent up, they will begin transitioning many items from the old office tent. This includes coolers and pelican boxes with items that have already been inventoried. He also pointed out that one question HMP has involves what exactly it would take to completely clear the campsite and restore it to the way it was prior to arrival. Some items would likely be burned, others would not, and there is a need to know exactly many otter flights it would take.

Before Sarah and Jaemyung arrived, the morning was spent tweaking and testing the ATV gate experiment. Finding appropriate tagging locations on the ATV has proven slightly more difficult than expected. The solution will likely involve suspending the tags between the gap in the handlebars, away from mud, debris and moisture, and also away from the metal on the vehicle. We hope to formally begin ATV tracking tomorrow.

There are now 41 people at HMP, a maximum for the summer. This evening witnessed brilliant sunshine and warm weather, prompting smiles and jokes in the mess tent at dinner. After dinner, our ever entertaining Scottish doctor, John Ferris, made a presentation on trauma treatment which can only be described as very edifying. Suffice to say that he prefaced the presentation by asking if anyone felt squeamish. With better weather we will finally be able to see the famous midnight sun. As the night progresses, the sun dips in the sky and casts long shadows across the rocky dessert and into the MIT tent. Below is a picture of the MIT team in their tent in 11pm sun.

Fig 3: The MIT team: L to R, Matt, Sarah, Mike, Jaemyung.

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