Data Archive

The files listed below make up a near-comprehensive archive of field data from the HMP expedition. In addition, some post-processed analysis and presentations are included, if they focus on the data obtained in the field. More formal reports can be found in the publications section.

The files are categorized into several areas:

Pre-Expedition Planning

Title Date Description
Pre-Expedition MIT Supplies Database [xls] 7/6/05 This early version of the inventory database was populated with the supplies purchased by MIT before the expedition. [Gralla]
HMP Supply Classes [xls] 6/20/05 Describes the first-draft version of the HMP supply classes, with associated attributes (i.e. defines low vs. high priority items). Supply classes were updated during the field season, so it is interesting to compare the post-expedition classes to this early version. Also includes use cases for the supplies database. [Sidiqqi]
MIT Field Plan [xls] 7/6/05 A first draft of a field plan detailing the tasks to be competed each day of the field season. Due to the ever-changing state of HMP logistics, it was difficult to stick to a field plan; we had to adapt constantly to what happened in camp. [Gralla]
Planning Telecon Minutes [doc] 5/5/05 Minutes from the planning telecon with Pascal Lee and MIT team. [Gralla]
MIT Personnel Plan [xls] 5/9/05 Planned HMP arrivals/departures for the MIT team (and all other HMP 2005 participants). [de Weck]
MIT Equipment Purchase List [xls] 6/15/05 List of equipment to be purchased by MIT for use by the 2005 HMP team. [Gralla]
MIT Personal Packing List [xls] 6/15/05 Personal packing lists for the MIT team, along with a set of 'last-minute buys'(items needed but not yet purchased). [Gralla]

Field Season Files

Please note that many of these are LARGE zip files containing many field documents.

Title Date Description
Final HMP Inventory [xls] 8/9/05 Final HMP inventory excel database. [All]
Final HMP Flight Log [xls] 8/6/05 Log of all incoming and outgoing flights, with mass data where available [Ahn, et al.]
EV Log [doc] 8/4/05 Log of EVA studies [Marquez, Arnold, et al.]
Inventory Files [zip] 8/22/05 Large zip archive of all inventory-related files produced during the HMP field season. Contains archived versions of the inventory database, updated supply classes, inventories from other groups (e.g. communications), and other supporting documents and photos. [Shull, Gralla, et al.]
Logistics Network Modeling Files [zip] 9/7/05 Zip archive of all field-season files related to logistics network modeling. This includes logs of all flights into and out of the base, personnel plans, etc. [Ahn, de Weck, et al.]
Tracking & RFID Files [zip] 8/22/05 Large zip archive of all RFID-related field season files, notes, photos, etc. Does NOT include all relevant database files, however (too large). [Silver, Li, et al.]
EVA Files [zip] 9/7/05 Zip archive contains all EVA-related field season files, notes, etc. [Marquez, Arnold, et al.]
Field Notes, Instructions, Etc. [zip] 8/22/05 Zip archive of miscellaneous notes, work instructions, meeting minutes, etc. from the field season. [All]

Data Analysis

Title Date Description
Analogy Inventory Comparison [xls] 1/1/06 This document compares the total mass recorded in the HMP inventory by supply class to the estimates for three different missions: (1) Arctic research base, (2) short lunar mission, and (3) long lunar mission. Provides data to quantify the extent of the analogy between HMP and planetary exploration missions. [Gralla, Shull]

HMP Post-Expedition Products

Please see the list of publications for our more formal reports. These presentations and photos are intended to provide a more informal glimpse into HMP.

Title Date Description
HMP Poster for AA Visiting Committee [ppt] 9/22/05 This poster describes HMP for the visiting committee of the Aero/Astro department. [Shull, et al.]
HMP Inventory Presentation for 4-month Review [ppt] 9/12/05 This presentation showcases the HMP inventory effort for the 4-month project review. [Gralla, Shull, et al.]
Selected HMP Photos [zip] 1/18/06 This archive contains full-resolution files for the images available in the pictures section of this website. [Marquez, Gralla, et al.]

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